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It was the year 1992 when we started tanning, dyeing, and finishing quality leather for our local clients. Leather tanning, dyeing and finishing is a highly technical procedure involving several processes such as, soaking, fleshing, deliming, bating, pickling, piling, splitting, shaving, trimming, dyeing, staking, coating, polishing, buffing or spraying. Therefore, we always retained a very dedicated team of raw hide suppliers along with expert employees to supervise the processes.


Under the supervision of a quality assurance manager strict quality control standards are applied throughout the list of procedures mentioned above. Finish leather samples are provided to our clients, and the storage department ensures that the leather is approved by our clients, for use in their specific articles.

Graded and approved leathers are assigned to cutting department. The pieces that make up an article are then numbered, in specific order according to any specific article. This is to ensure a smooth work flow at later stages. Also, this practice is very helpful for quality controllers. By arranging all the pieces of an article, and checking the total piece count that make up the article, as well as size, colour and markings the quality inspectors are able to follow and demonstrate good manufacturing practices.


With over 300 full time stitching workstations a smooth and efficient work flow is essential for optimum human resources utilization. Consequently stitching units are grouped and assigned jobs according to their skills and efficiency. Quality controllers frequent these relatively smaller work chains and therefore are able to quickly address any concerns.


Final checking and packaging of all articles is done at our 9000 sq ft warehouse. A dedicated team of quality checkers examines for things such as minor loose threads, badges, buttons, rivets, trimmings, polishing, or other accessories that adorn the article. This is the final inspection and each member of the team carrying out this inspection is trained to check every article, as if they were a potential customer checking an article just before paying money to own the product.


We have a very flexible packaging and shipping department. This helps us deliver client specific number of items per box, in boxes that are made according to the dimensions that our client prefers. Similarly we can ship either by sea in order to minimize transporting cost, or by air if the goal is to minimize the time-to-market.

Also, our quality assurance manager can accommodate our client's quality control personnel during any stage of the production process.